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Pure Game

UHSM’s non-profit, health sharing ministry seeks to support healthy families in maintaining their holistic health and well-being. In honor of our mission, UHSM is proud to support Pure Game in integrating character education curriculum and leadership coaching through sport into schools.

With the help of Pure Game, this page seeks to encourage physical activity, incentivize attendance, introduce life skills, build character and help kids create a positive self-image. We’ll use this page to capture the various social media posts, youth camps, and curriculum Pure Game has already successfully delivered to thousands of students in Orange County.

Check back regularly for ways to donate, information on joining youth camps, or ways to impact and influence our young champions!

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Tony Everett

Founder and chief play maker of Pure Game says “I believe children deserve a champion, someone who believes in them.”


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Pure Game fosters positive youth development using sports to create positive youth engagement. Want to know how? See how they do it, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

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