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UHSM Community Partners & Ambassadors

UHSM Health Share’s mission is to help Christians maintain their holistic health and well-being. To proliferate the values we cherish as a member community, UHSM endorses other community, charitable and religious organizations that share our principles, and convictions. Below are just a few of our partnerships. We encourage you to learn more about each, follow these causes, and to read, listen and share these messages of hope and love, For Goodness Sake! 

UHSM is proud to partner with:


The FAM (Female Athlete Mission) is a community of female athletes who crave to talk honestly about faith and life. They seek to help other athletes find inspiration for integrating their faith in God within their sports.

Cancer Kinship

Cancer Kinship’s mission is to empower cancer survivors through peer mentorship and support systems, as well as survivor education and socialization.

Pure Game

Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that integrates character education curriculum and leadership coaching through sport into schools.

California Love Drop

Love Drop is a nonprofit that supports Southern California healthcare workers, first responders, and community volunteers by providing meals, beverages, and supplies.

Cornbread Hustle

UHSM supports Cheri Garcia and her Hustlers in navigating adversity, rebuilding their lives, and reaching their goals.

Relevant Magazine

UHSM partnered with Relevant Magazine to develop a Fall Wellness Series composed of articles and podcasts.

Orange County Soccer Club

The Orange County Soccer Club Community Corner is supported by UHSM. It is a season-long outreach program that provides nonprofit organizations tickets to every OCSC regular-season home game to share with the children and families they serve.

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