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Leaving For The Holidays? Make Sure Your Home Is Safe While You’re Gone

Many of us hit the road during the holidays. Either we visit family or head out for a relaxing vacation, leaving our house unattended. A vacant house attracts temptation. Burglaries increase during the holiday season...

A Bill To Fight The Opioid Crisis Passes The House

In an atmosphere of contentious political in-fighting, a bill to fight the growing opioid epidemic was passed by the house in September. The bipartisan bill passed with an almost unanimous vote of 393-8. The bill will be...

Eating A High-Quality, Low-Carb Diet May Help Us Stave Off Weight Gain For Longer

“The largest and longest feeding study to test the ‘carbohydrate-insulin model'” concludes that a lower carb intake burns more calories, which may help people maintain weight loss over a longer period of time. Eating a...

Instant Cancer Diagnosis With One Blood Test

Cancer diagnoses can be extremely difficult. For most cancers, doctors have to look for symptoms. If enough symptoms present themselves then the next step is usually imaging technology and then surgery into potential...
Wondering how member-to-member health sharing works? We’ll explain. To start, Health Sharing is NOT Insurance. These programs are member-based fellowships where faithful people exercise their right to take charge of their own healthcare. In health sharing, ...  READ MORE

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