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Happy Thankful Thursday! Today we are announcing an amazing opportunity and partnership. UHSM Ambassador, and extreme endurance cycling athlete, Grant Lottering, will be featured on the FitBod App. We are so thankful that our partner FitBod is supporting Grant’s efforts in his Im’Possible tour. At UHSM, we are so proud of our partners and Ambassadors, and we are beyond excited for this partnership and the opportunity for FitBod to provide users with the special opportunity to utilize a workout led by world-class athlete Grant Lottering.

Miracle High Endurance Cyclist and UHSM Ambassador Featured on the FitBod App

Endurance workout:

Endurance workout (modified):

UHSM has recently announced our ambassador athlete Grant Lottering, extreme endurance cyclist, international motivational speaker and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, will be featured in a workout on the FitBod app. A personalized fitness app that leverages health data to enable users to develop and nurture weekly fitness habits, FitBod pledges to donate $1 to Laureus Sport for Good USA for every new workout downloaded and completed via the FitBod app. Through Grant Lottering’s high endurance workout, FitBod users and UHSM members get the unique opportunity to train like a professional cyclist with one of the sport’s most elite athletes.

“Our partnership with FitBod empowers our members to pursue active and health lives,” said UHSM President Christopher Jin. “We understand that workout out can sometimes be arduous and unexciting. But, with Grant Lottering’s high endurance workout on the FitBod App, our members can have and enjoyable and exciting experience while simultaneously reaping the benefits of physical exercise. We couldn’t think of anyone more inspirational and encouraging to lead our valued members in an intense workout than Grant, one of our own incredible UHSM ambassadors.”

After miraculously surviving a cycling accident requiring 12 surgeries and later emergency cancer treatment, Lottering would go on to do the impossible by completing multiple extreme cycling events for charity dubbed the Im’possible Tours. Over European mountains and across South Africa, he continues to astonish the medical profession and audiences alike, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for underprivileged children worldwide. Lottering’s remarkable story and life journey inspire and challenge audiences to be resilient and persevere in the face of adversity, reaching over 90 million people globally. For his latest Im’Possible Tour, sponsored by UHSM, Lottering will attempt a 700-mile non-stop traverse, climbing 63,000 feet through Southern California.

“We are thrilled to support UHSM and Laurus Sport for Good,” said Krystian Michalak, head of sales and partnerships at FitBod. “Both organizations have fantastic initiatives that truly make a difference in the world and people’s lives. FitBod is eager to contribute to such noble causes while raising awareness of our unique workout with Grant Lottering.”

Lottering will begin his first-ever US Im’Possible Tour on June 1st with a projected finish on the 4th – updates of his journey can be found, here. Moreover, new FitBod users who download and complete the “Grant Lottering High Endurance Training,” in the app will not
only receive three free workouts to train like the pros, but also enable a $1 contribution to Laureus Sport for Good USA. Donation dates go from June 1st to the 4th.

FitBod Featured for Their Pledge: Benefiting Laureus Sport for Good USA

Within Grant Lottering’s USA Im’Possible Tour, 10 special photos will feature Grant peaking over mountain tops, as an analogy to overcoming life’s obstacles. FitBod will receive one of the ten mountain top, peak photos, a token of gratitude to those that support a good cause. Others that will receive mountain-top images for keepsake include Giant, Arcsona, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Athletic Brewing, Los Angeles Giltinis, and Additional information will be released on sponsors over Grant Lottering’s 2022 USA Im’Possible Tour.

Grant Lottering’s FitBod Workouts

Endurance workout:

Endurance workout (modified):

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