You are officially a UHSM Telehealth member, congrats! Welcome to our community of fellowship and health care sharing for one another. In addition to Coronavirus screening and COVID-19 testing as needed, you now have convenient access to telemedicine through our partner, Healthrive. Our telehealth providers can help you with non-emergency medical issues such as: Sore throat or stuffy nose, Sinus problems or upper respiratory infection, Cold/flu and Fever, Eye infection, Allergic reaction and Allergies. Urinary tract infection and more.


+1 844-485-7150


10am – 8pm ET


Attention UHSM Members - Telehealth is Ready to Help

Our Telehealth providers are fully prepared to triage members who present symptoms of Coronavirus. What does that mean? If you experience signs of the virus, the best path to take is to stay home and contact Telehealth at 1-844-485-7150. We're proud to say our telemedicine network is one of the very few in the U.S. that can effectively diagnose COVID-19 and order testing if needed through Aetna's First Health PPO Network or local and regional drive-through facilities. In extreme cases, we can even provide in-home administered tests or remote doctor-assisted testing of a mail-order kit as needed.

For additional information, stay tuned to our blog or visit the CDC website.

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