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Accessing Care:
Find a provider and understand your sharing benefits

Get the care you need to stay healthy at an affordable rate, without unexpected costs 

With a comprehensive provider network and the flexibility to choose in-person or virtual care, you’ll easily find the right professional to support your needs, no matter where you are on your healthcare journey. We couple that with our white-glove member services team, which partners with our members as they navigate their care, so they know what to expect. Surprise bills will become a thing of the past.

Step 1
Locate a participating provider through our partners below

Step 2

Review your Membership Guidelines or connect with Member Services to get the run-down of what to expect from your program and determine pre-authorization needs*

Step 3

Schedule your appointment, present or enter your membership information, and receive care from the most expansive network of any sharing ministry!  

Remember to instruct your provider to submit your pre-authorization request if required. Once you obtain your medical care, your provider will submit your bill to UHSM and you’ll receive an Explanation of Share from us to confirm your responsibility.

*Pre-authorization is required for all medical services, except annual wellness and preventative, immunizations, urgent care, emergencies, DocDay and CVS MinuteClinic services. 

Virtual Care Anywhere!


DocDay is a virtual medical system that allows members the option to conveniently meet with physicians from the comfort of home, further enhancing our commitment to bring wellness within reach. Members can speak with board-certified doctors to address non-emergent issues such as colds, flu, allergies and eye or skin infections seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST. Members using this service also have access to low-cost labs ordered by DocDay.

What we treat:
Hypertension | Atrial Fibrilation | Allergies | Irritable Bowel Syndrome | PreDiabetes | Smoking Cessation | Diabetes Type 2 | Birth Control | COPD Sciatica | Asthma | Insomnia | Hypothyroidism | Reflux | Gout BHP | Hyperlipidemia Screening

Migraines Colon Cancer | Screening | Congestive Heart Failure

Labs and services:
CBC (H/H, RBC, Indices, WBC, Pit) | Comprehensive Metabolic Panel without CO2, ALT | Estrogen, Total, Serum
| FSH (Follice Stimulating Hormone) | Hemoglobin Alc | Hs-CRP | Liquid Panel |  Standard | Magnesium | Phosphate

DocDay is intended for non-emergent medical conditions and as a supplement to our in-person programs, not a replacement, especially in the case of serious or emergent problems.  

To get DocDay virtual care –  

  • Create your profile 
  • Select “Talk to a Doctor Now”
CVS MinuteClinic

With MinuteClinic® by CVS members have access to a licensed provider over video to address common illnesses like colds, flu, strep, infections (eye, ear, skin, sinus, and UTI) or get support with medication refills. Providers are accessible for common illnesses 24/7, 365 days a year and are generally 40 percent less than urgent care. 

To get CVS MinuteClinic virtual care –  

  • Create your profile 
  • Select your current location and answer the health questions to schedule a visit

In-Person Care

CVS Minute Clinic

MinuteClinic® by CVS is a walk-in clinic that patients can choose as an alternative to urgent care. The service emphasizes our commitment to lowering costs, with MinuteClinic® prices averaging 40 percent less compared to traditional urgent care facilities. These clinics offer over 120 treatments, screenings, and immunizations and are open 7 days a week. 

Appointments can be booked online for easy scheduling or in-person at the walk-up kiosk. 

PHCS PPO Network for Medical Professionals

PHCS is America’s No. 1 PPO provider and the largest in the nation.  Your membership includes access to more than 1.2 million doctors, hospitals, and specialists in this network. By contracting with this network, our members benefit from pre-negotiated rates and payment processes that lead to a much smoother process and overall cost savings.

To access care, search our PHCS PPO Network directory by name, specialty, or location to find physicians, labs, radiologists and urgent cares. Call 1-800-900-8476 to locate facilities and hospitals. Remember to reference the PHCS PPO Network when scheduling your appointment.  

Please Note: We do our best to keep the directories updated. However, participating physicians, hospitals, and/or healthcare providers may have changed since the online directory was last updated. Always confirm network participation and provide your WeShare Member ID card prior to scheduling an appointment and during your appointment check-in process. It is best practice to reach out to Member Services prior to your visit to ensure the provider is still in our network, as this can change.


CVS Pharmacy

Added to the value of a WeShare membership value is the convenience offered by over 68,000 pharmacy locations through CVS Caremark™, Costco, Kroger, Walmart, and select Target pharmacy locations. Members can easily access medications through pharmacy pickup at CVS locations nationwide. Additionally, members can arrange to receive a 90-day supply of maintenance medications via mail-order by visiting a CVS Caremark™ location to set it up.