Share Kindness: World Kindness Week Matters

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WeShare in Health Care Community: What is our Health Care Sharing Ministry?

                  WeShare in Health Care Community:  What is our Health Care Sharing Ministry?  WeShare by UHSM offers peace of mind and the freedom of choice by sharing in the burden of modern-day costs associated with healthcare across a larger community.  If community, connection, and real care is […]

Manage your Mental Health this Gratitude Month: Contented, Uplifted, & Grateful

  Manage your Mental Health this Gratitude Month:   Contented, Uplifted, & Grateful   Guest Author, Brittney Moses  It’s National Gratitude Month, and in the spirit of gratitude, I’d like to open with one of my favorite passages of scripture: Philippians 4:12  “I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have […]

WeShare in Gratitude: 10 Ways to be More Grateful


WeShare in Gratitude:   10 Ways to be More Grateful  November is the official month of gratitude! Give back to yourself and those around you by holding gratitude in your heart all month long…   Read on for 10 ways to add gratitude to your daily schedule!  Thoughtful Words on Gratitude    From this week’s #MentalHealthMonday  “Research has […]

Health Literacy Month: Lifelong Wellness Starts Here

Health Literacy Month:   Lifelong Wellness Starts Here  Guest Author, Brittney Moses  All of October is Health Literacy Month! Which makes it an important time of awareness over the risk of diseases that not only we are predisposed to, but also gaining awareness and understanding for the health choices that others in our lives may face.  […]

Masters of the Home: Managing Life in Times of Change

Masters of the Home: Managing Life in Times of Change Let’s face it ladies, there’s a lot going on every single day. Between managing one’s home, family, and profession, there’s never enough hours in the day. Now, more than ever, managing one’s home is messy, a guarantee to be different than in past years. Through […]

Hear Her Story: Three Survivor Stories

UHSM Health Share’s mission is to help Christians maintain their holistic health and well-being. As discussed in previous blogs, there are many things you can do this Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote and encourage healthy living habits. From scheduling a mammogram and completing a breast self-assessment to talking with family about breast cancer history and educating oneself on the signs and symptoms, it is critical to ensure you and your loved ones are ready should there be a diagnosis.

Take Action for National Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Breast Cancer

Take Action for National Breast Cancer Awareness Day  The key to surviving cancer is early detection:  You can make a difference and save the lives of your loved ones by knowing the signs and symptoms and being aware of your own family medical history.   Read More for Four Key Elements of Early Detection:  Understand […]

20 Ways to Holistically Improve Your Mood: Happy Mental Health Awareness Day

20 Ways to Holistically Improve Your Mood: Happy Mental Health Awareness Day Guest Blog Author: Brittney Moses Mental health may have become one of our latest cultural buzzwords, but what actually is mental health? Read-on for our list of 20 ways to holistically improve your mood! Mental Health, Defined According to the Centers for Disease […]